Tắt thông báo mail trong yahoo

25 Dec

Diable Yahoo Mail Alerts in Yahoo Messenger

  1. Open Yahoo! Messenger
  2. Click Messenger –> Preferences or CTRL+Shift+P
  3. Under category click Alerts and Sounds
  4. In the “Alert me when” box click “I receive email in Yahoo! Mail”
  5. Uncheck the boxes next to “Displaying a dialog box”, “Showing an icon in the system tray” and “Showing a message in the bottom right corner of my screen”. If you prefer not hear the pow alert as well uncheck “Playing a sound…”
  6. Click OK and you’re done.

Disable Message Notification in Yahoo! Messenger

  1. Provide appropriate credentials in Yahoo! Messenger interface to logon to the application.
  2. Go to Messenger menu and then go to Preferences option.
  3. On the opened box from the left pane click on Messages.
  4. From the right pane under When I received a new message section uncheck Show messages from the background windows at bottom right corner of the screencheckbox to disable the feature.

    Disable Message Notification in Yahoo

  5. Once you are done with the configuration, finally click on Ok button to save the changes that you have made.

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